Day 63: Gotta Dance

Grace and her friends backstage at their 3rd grade variety show

Grace and her friends backstage at their 3rd grade variety show

Grace and her friends “Lucy,” “Susan,” and “Ramona” started performing together in their elementary school’s Variety Show when they were in second grade.  Each year I have organized the group, except for last year when I was student teaching and had no life.

Organizing Grace and her friends for their Variety Show dance is not hard, just a bit time consuming.  It involves pulling together an act that the girls (and their parents) can feel good about, teaching it to the girls, communicating with their parents and the school, keeping costs low, and trying to make decisions that will be supported by all.  And, the most important thing, keeping it fun for the girls.

Today I got the costumes handled.  This is a big deal when you’re talking about fifth grade girls!  My secret weapon is Abby.  She approves of the costumes, and her opinion has a lot of influence on the younger girls.  Also, Abby created the choreography for the dance and will teach the second minute of the two-minute dance to the girls on Saturday afternoon.

It’s fun to help the girls with their Variety Show act.  It’s time-consuming, yes, but it has been such a positive, bonding experience for the friends over the years that every minute I’ve spent is worth it.  It’s also a way that I get to know Grace’s friends better.  I have to say they are super-duper nice girls!  Working with them over the years I am so pleased by what wonderful young ladies they are becoming.  I am blessed that at their age they still trust me and let me in to their lives.  What a privilege!

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