Day 64: Mom aka: Fix-It Felix

fix it felixToday I had a substitute teaching job lined up, one that the teacher specifically requested me for, but I had to cancel it at the last minute because Grace woke up not feeling well.  Specifically, Grace’s teeth are hurting because yesterday when we went to an emergency orthodontist appointment to have a bracket put back on, they decided to go ahead and give her a heavier wire, tighten things up, and have her wear rubber bands so that we wouldn’t have to come in for our regular appointment on Saturday.  Well, that seems like a very nice thing to do, right?  However, it turns out that all the changes made Grace’s teeth and jaws hurt so badly that she woke up crying and in a lot of pain this morning.

After Grace took some Tylenol the pain seemed to subside a bit, and I was still hopeful that I could keep the sub job.  As our morning preparations continued though, it became clear that Grace was in no shape to go to school.  Even though she wasn’t complaining, every so often I noticed her wiping a tear from her cheek.  She couldn’t go to school in that kind of pain.  With no grandma close by nor a local auntie to watch over her, I was nominated by elimination to stay home with Grace.

I don’t mind staying home with Grace—she’s fun to be around even when she’s not feeling well—but I do mind missing the sub job.  As I’m trying to build up my reputation as a good and reliable substitute teacher, calling in at the last minute doesn’t help my credibility.  It makes me cringe to know that I caused the school secretary a problem this morning.  Next time I get one of those urgent phone calls asking if I can sub at the last minute, I will do my best to take it—to kind of even things out.

My kindness?  It’s not so much that I gave up my plans in order to stay home with Grace; it’s more that I did not make Grace feel bad or guilty for forcing me to do so.

This morning Grace and I enjoyed a little mother-daughter movie-time watching Wreck-It Ralph.  I want one of those little golden hammers like Fix-It Felix has–one that magically repairs all it touches.  I wonder if it would work on teeth?

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